Company Project Methodology

You can be assured that at SPN Consulting we will be dilligent, resourceful and efficient when analysing your problems so we can obtain the best quality outcome for your job or project. Utilising the proven PDCA problem solving process, we can control and continuously improve upon your processes and/or products.
1. Plan​
  • Establish a clear direction based on where our customer's want to be.

  • Determine the current condition of the issue we are trying to resolve.

  • Create a strategic plan for our customer by setting SMART targets that are tied to a detailed project schedule.

  • Communicate and visualise that plan to all stakeholders of the project.​

2. Do​
  • Implement the plan we have made.

  • Continuously monitor the process in place to make sure the desired outcome is achieved.

  • Adapt to situations in need of attention to keep the desired plan on track.

  • Communicate job progress with clear countermeasures where appropriate.

PDCA Approach
4. Act

  • Resolve any potential issues found during evaluation process.

  • Standardise your work processes to ensure consistent quality throughout product life cycle.

  • Continuously improve your standardised work to always achieve the best results possible.

3. Check​

  • Evaluate results and determine if the SMART targets have been met.

  • Review the process and understand what works well and what we can improve on.


  • Report on results and meet with project stakeholders to communicate final outcome.

  • Analyse customer feedback and determine next steps for improvement and process standardisation.

* PDCA Cycle - pioneered by Dr. W. Edwards Deming and Walter A. Shewhart.