Michael Peplow
Mechanical Engineer
MEng (Mech) (Hons)


Michael is a mechanical engineer who has worked in the UK energy industry on high-profile and nationally strategic projects. Now assisting SPN Consulting on various manufacturing projects in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.



  • Master of Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours)

       The University of Leeds, UK​ 

Ivanco Neskovski - Mechanical Engineer
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Applied skills:


  • Technical Documentation – Authoring of documentation including technical specifications and reports.

  • Plant Installation Documentation – Authoring of documentation including Outline Installation Method

  • CAD – Experience in producing solid models and drawings using SolidWorks in addition to performing
    stress analysis using Finite Element Methods.

  • Programming and Autonomous Control – Practical experience in the use of LabVIEW, MATLAB and

  • Contract Management – Capable of analysing and managing engineering contracts in line with
    commercially sound practices.

  • Contractor management and on-site project management.

Past projects: 


Michael has implemented these skills with the following achievement:

  • Completed technical specifications for autonomous robots and supplementary plant during the detail
    design phase of the Box Encapsulation Plant Project; a multi-billion-pound project of which the objective was to safely remove and store nuclear waste from severely degraded and leaking storage ponds.

  • Coded reverse movement functionality for an autonomous oil pipeline inspection robot allowing the
    robot to be demonstrated to international investors at a LabVIEW convention, as well as movement algorithm for a small robotic buggy competition which ended in victory.

  • Aided in the inspection of the 1D1 Boiler Spines at the Heysham nuclear power plant and completed two months earlier than anticipated by ensuring all client procedures were strictly followed. The result of this was that the company that owned the reactors could begin repair on the reactors sooner, reducing the £1million/day losses incurred by the reactors being offline.

  • Recently Michael completed a project cover assignment in managing a new office building construction for an international coatings supplier in Melbourne's western suburbs, managing to keep the project on track by completing all action items to required compliance specifications during unforeseen absence of project lead.


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