Lean & Continuous Improvement

Our B2B consultants can work with your organisation to achieve a higher level of efficiency and output quality.
Realised Benefits
  • Cost savings (5 - 20% on average)

  • Improved product & service quality

  • Increased efficiency

  • Better quality control with standardised processes

  • Safer working environment


Optimisation Tools
  • 5 Why & PDCA

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • JIT analysis & implementation

  • Time-In-Motion Studies

  • SPC / SQC

  • DMAIC & Six Sigma Analysis

  • Kanban & Mistake Proofing (Poka Yoke)

SPN Approach

Using our cross-industry knowledge and experience, SPN Consulting generates a clear, concise and deliverable-based output image with our clients before any work is undertaken,  free of charge.

This way we guarantee quality results that are on time, on budget and deliver your project benefits.

What stage are you at?

Is your business performing to its highest potential? Are there certain areas of your manufacturing or business processes that need improving or fine tuning?


In every business there are always ways to improve, develop and standardize your processes in order to achieve a higher level of operational efficiency and the subsequent capital gains that your business can realise.


SPN Consulting can help you achieve this by utilising our experience in manufacturing design, development and process improvement to drive down your operating costs and increase the quality of your output.


How can SPN add value to your business?

SPN Consulting can show you how to utilise various lean manufacturing and process improvement tools & techniques and then implement them effectively to yield your required results.


Our extensive experience with manufacturing based organisations also allows us to translate and apply these powerful improvement techniques to non-manufacturing environments, where the existence of process and therefore improvement opportunities are not as obvious to the untrained eye - see examples below:

  • Process gap analysis

  • Work-flow optimisation

  • Office re-structure & re-location

  • Waste reduction & 5S

  • Logistics improvement

  • Quality system & documentation

  • Production systems

  • Supply chain development

  • Supplier development

  • Labour & efficiency