Project Management

Having managed many large capital works projects for global companies, SPN are experienced in delivering complex projects from concept to completion, as well as implementing quality-driven solutions for isolated sections in the project life cycle.

SPN Consulting can provide project management services to both small, medium and large businesses across our major service industries.


Our flexibility allows us to engage our clients that require either a complete turn-key project or just additional project engineering support and expertise.


Our services can be tailored to address specific project stages, such as procurement, plant installation and upgrades or commissioning; as well as being able to deliver improvements and lean management on isolated processes depending on our client's requirements and project scope.

Project Management Process

Company Project Methodology

You can be assured that at SPN Consulting we will be dilligent, resourceful and efficient when analysing your problems so we can obtain the best quality outcome for your job or project.


Utilising the proven PDCA problem solving process, we can control and continuously improve upon your processes and/or products.

Our aim is to continuously re-apply the PDCA process to any and every stage of the project management process so we can constantly develop, improve and standardise our internal processes and those of our client's and partners so that we are always striving to for the highest quality of output in the projects we are undertaking.

PDCA Approach